The GCC3 Grand Longganisa Challenge

The winners of the GCC Grand Longganisa Challenge are:

Champion: Arvin Molina
Coach: Brian Andrade
School: St. Therese – MTC Colleges (Iloilo)

Second Place: Bryan Andal
Coach: Ma. Fe Menez
School: Lyceum of the Philippines (Batangas)

Third Place: Marc Christian Medallon
Coach: Abram Emmanuel Peralta
School: Lyceum of the Philippines (Laguna)

The Grand Longganisa Challenge is a student cooking competition where one student-chef is challenged to create and execute his or her creative version of the longganisa in one and a half hours or less.

Ten contestants competed in the event.

For more information on who the grand finalists were, click here. Watch out for the posting of the GCC3 Favorites Photo Gallery and GCC3 Spotted! Gallery (crowd shots) – both coming soon! Keep visiting the GCC website AND like us on Facebook!

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