GCC Trivia

Is GCC another CGP?

A lot of people mistake GCC as the “incarnation” of the Culinary Grand Prix (CGP). It is not. GCC however is an offshoot of CGP and takes on its foodservice advocacy 7 years after it stopped its operations that began in 1999

The people behind GCC were behind CGPs vision, inception and growth. They remain unwavering in the vision CGP adopted and strongly believe in the continued pursuit of such a unique advocacy among HRM students – foodservice trade.


The Slogan

Ad Vitam Paramus. Preparing for Life. This is the slogan of the Grand Culinary Challenge. The belief by which GCC was conceived. The people behind GCC believe that every HRM student should consider foodservice trade entrepreneurship as seriously as any other career option. That while taste and speed are truly important in the pursuit of a culinary career – so does food costing and profitability. This is what makes GCC different from the other culinary events and competitions – the emphasis on real-life trade practices.



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