GCC at the Heart of the Core

The Team behind Grand Culinary Challenge III

Few are aware that all the events in the Grand Culinary Challenge (GCC) are run mostly by students. “Mostly” students because some of them have already graduated but continue to serve whenever needed.

This group of “mostly” students are the ones who oversee the Ingress of contestants. They are the ones who time and manage the competitions, who coordinate and report to the Board of Judges and who generally run the simultaneous events unfolding in the Grand Culinary Challenge every minute. They are called the CORE for a reason.

The GCC CORE functions in the same manner as the earth’s core, hence the name. They hold everything together. Theirs is the sheer will and determination to see through every wrinkle, every delay, every time-busting problem that sets back the conduct of the events and gets everything back to normal – as planned.

Many are called but few are chosen. Applicants for Core are subjected to an entrance examination – usually based on the Competition Rules and Regulations of a given event. The top ten percent are then subjected to a series of weekend team building and event management training seminars for at least two months. The activities are all geared to hone and shape this small group of students into one cohesive team that can rival even most professional events management teams.

GCC3 was managed by eight new Core members, supported by six old Core members – a total of fourteen. They took charge of not just the competitions, the seminars, the program, but literally every event, every activity that unfolded in GCC3 – planned and unplanned. They work quietly in the background, never calling attention to themselves. Each Core member had been trained to think quick on their feet and to expect and address the unexpected.

The “history” of the Core dates back more than a decade ago – when the Culinary Grand Prix (CGP) started. It was revived during the FoodMatch campaign and regained its “fighting form” in time for the first Grand Culinary Challenge. The Core’s rich history includes managers now serving in the middle east, a medical doctor, a television network executive, and even a language teacher in Europe. Majority are here in the country making a name for themselves in their chosen trades. Most heed the Call for Core for every event or campaign their services are needed.

The bond that is shared by Core members runs deep. And while all the medals and trophies go to the winners of the various events, the one thing that the members of the Core can claim as their own is a GCC well done. It is the GCC advocacy that binds the Core tightly together. It is what can be found at the heart of every Core member.

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If you are interested to apply for Core for the next GCC, or if you are a school administrator and would like GCC to conduct a Core Entrance Exam in your school, please email organizer(at)grandculinarychallenge.com.



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