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The Grand Culinary Challenge (GCC) is a nationwide foodservice competition exclusively for culinary students. GCC is not just all about the creation of the best tasting, perfectly plated dishes. It is also about culinary creativity, efficiency AND profitability. Ultimately, culinary students will be a part of the foodservice trade where all these three factors will be challenged by the competition.

Contact Us

If you are interested to be a part of the Grand Culinary Challenge and would like to know more, please get in touch with us. Our contact details are as follows:

  • Email: organizer(at)grandculinarychallenge.com
  • Landline: +63-2-5451339
  • Cellphone (Globe): +63-926-6622272
  • Mailing Address: Grand Culinary Challenge c/o Interlink Public Relations (Attention: Ms. Gina Arugay), Room 407, Margarita Building, JP Rizal corner Cardona Sts., Barangay Poblacion, Makati City

What makes GCC Special.

The Difference.

GCC is all about preparing culinary students to think practically and realistically even before they officially join the foodservice trade. In GCC the dish must not only look good, must not only taste good, nor can be prepared within the shortest possible time. It must also be priced competitively — for in the real world, even the best tasting dishes will be taken off the menu in favor of those that truly sell.

The Challenge.

Now on its third event,  the Grand Culinary Challenge goes “Limited Edition – Caterer’s Cut” – on September 26-27, 2012 at the Villa Immaculada, Intramuros where all ten foodservice trade competitions will be conducted. The competitions were carefully considered and chosen not just for the challenges these pose for the contestants but were also based on the current trends in foodservice where mastery of the required skills will prove a plus factor. This is essential for future employment and crucial in the pursuit of a personal business endeavor.


The people behind GCC are experienced foodservice executives who have global experience via expatriation or exploration in various parts of the globe.  They are currently not directly connected with any food company, hence, the competition does not make any requirements on what products to use.

GCC is led by Mr. Victor Anthony S. Warren, the former Managing Director of Malaysia for Unilever Foodsolutions. He has observed, and firmly believes, that Filipino culinary students have all the necessary skills to succeed in foodservice entrepreneurship and all that is needed is to show them how rewarding and profitable it can be.  This foreign surnamed Filipino is now the President and CEO of 2Advoc8, Incorporated, a marketing consultancy group which is also the Producer of the Grand Culinary Challenge.

The panel of judges is now led by Chef Tom Hines from previous Chairman Chef Juan Miguel Gaston. Chef Tom Hines served as the youngest Executive Chef of Marriott Hotel Cebu. He served as Executive Chef in the following establishments: Fridays Resort Boracay, J.W. Marriott Hong Kong, The Ritz Hotel London, Operations Manager Haagen Dazs Philippines, Fusion Chef Wasabi Bistro Manila to name a few. He currently serves as the Culinary Consultant for El Nido Resorts, Chef Patron of Lulu and COO of Epicurean Solutions Inc. operating and/or serving as a consultant to various restaurants, hotels and resorts around the country.

The conduct of the competitions falls upon Mabelle Santiago-Rubia, a foodservice consultant to select food companies in the Philippines and Asia for close to three decades. Among the culinary events Rubia was involved in were Chefs on Parade and Culinary Grand Prix – both nationwide competitions.


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